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Semi-Custom Ski

Our semi-custom ski is what most manufacturers just call custom.


Semi-Custom Ski

$1,250.00, Deposit $625.00

Our tried and true spec options, mixed and matched to you.We gather your beta over a beer (or the phone), crunch it through our proprietary algorithm, and polish the results with a little human intuition. Then, artfully blending our best-loved spec options and favorite high-end materials, we design and handcraft a ski that’s dialed to your stats, your style, and your preferred conditions.
  • First Step: Please schedule a shop call. You can pay for your ski online, but please contact the shop to start the process.
  • These tried-and-true components form the basis for 450 combinations for each length. We’ll design your skis completely, but you’re welcome to weigh in, too.

    All Mountain, Freeride/Powder, Backcountry
    Frontcountry, Backcountry
    Oak, Walnut, Carbon Fiber
    Softer, Medium, Stiffer
    Tip Profile: 
    Traditional (no early rise), Semi Twin Tip, 3 Early Rise Options
    Tail Profile: 
    Traditional (flat), Semi Twin-Tip, 3 Early Rise Options
  • Will I have final say before you start building my semi-custom skis?
    Yes. We won’t start your skis until we’ve gotten your deposit and approval to roll. Schedule a call here.

    How does the deposit work for my semi-custom skis?
    We start your semi-custom ski once we get your non-refundable 50% deposit. You’ll pay the second half (as well as any needed shipping) once the skis are finished. We’ll shoot you an email so you can pay online, or swing by the shop to square up and get your skis.

    See all FAQs here

  • Customer Reviews


    I tried a pair of the Carbon Fiber skis this winter and I was very impressed. They were a dream in deep powder. I was pleasantly surprised when hitting the groomers as I found these skis to be lively, extremely easy to turn and had great edge hold. What a fantastic ski from a really dedicated manufacturer right here in the USA! Highly Recommended.
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How it works


You schedule a call or stop by to tell us about you.
(48 hours)

Ski Design:

We design your dream ski and shoot you the specs.
(typically 48 hours to 72 hours for us to design, then the ball’s in your court)


You ask us anything.
Tweaks if necessary.
(usually a week or less)


You pay your 50% deposit online or in the shop to greenlight the build.

Ski Build:

Sawdust flies. We handcraft, inspect, and sign your skis.
(seasonally dependent) *

Final Payment:

We square up (including shipping) in the shop or online.

Ship / Pick-Up:

We pack n’ ship your Senecas, or you pick them up.
(once paid for, we normally ship your skis via UPS within 24 hours)


You get bindings mounted (we can help) and go shred.

* Pro tip: order in the off-season, and we can flip your skis sooner.

The Seneca Algorithm
(and why we still need humans).

Eric wrote the proprietary algorithm for customizing Senecas, based on crafting and field-testing hundreds of ideas. (Also, calculus.) Math gets us 80% there. For the rest, Eric sweetens up your algorithm results with smart swaps for semi-customs and tailored adjustments for fully-custom skis, all based on your specific ski style.

Customer Reviews

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