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Handcrafted in Bozeman, MT, USA   




Do I need to visit the factory to get my custom or semi-custom skis dialed?

If you can’t make it to Bozeman, no worries. A solid phone conversation and the magic of UPS will get the job done. Schedule a call here.   


Can I just buy my skis at the shop?

Yes, please. We already tapped the keg for you. We’re building skis from 9am–5pm Monday­­–Friday at 2105 N. Rouse Avenue in Bozeman. We want to give you our full attention, so give us a call so we’ll be ready. If scheduling ahead isn’t your bag, try us after 4pm when it’s easy to steer us towards beer.


Will I have final say before you start building my fully-custom or semi-custom skis? 

Yes. We won’t start your skis until we’ve gotten your deposit and approval to roll.





Which payment types do you take online? In the shop?

We take all major credit cards both on this site and in our shop, as well as cash and local checks in the shop.


When is my card actually charged?

Payments are processed within 24 hours. 


How does the deposit work for my fully-custom or semi-custom skis? 

We start your semi-custom or fully-custom ski once we get your non-refundable 50% deposit. You’ll pay the second half (as well as any needed shipping) once the skis are finished. We’ll shoot you an email so you can pay online, or swing by the shop to square up and get your skis.


Why is my semi-custom or fully-custom ski deposit non-refundable?

Once we start building these skis, they won’t fit any other skier but you. We’ll retain your deposit to cover the materials lost if you bail out, but we won’t charge you the final 50%.





Can I pick my skis up at your factory in Bozeman?

Yes, and all the better if you can. You’ll save on shipping and we’ll get to meet you. Also: we have beer. Swing by 2104 N. Rouse, between 9am–5pm Monday–Friday. Come after 4 if you’d like a sip from the keg.


I’m nowhere near Bozeman! Which states can you ship Seneca skis to?

All of them, including Alaska and Hawaii (let us know how the skiing is in Hawaii). We’re happy to ship them to your ski destination, if that’s helpful.


How much does shipping cost?

We can calculate exact shipping based on your info, but regular UPS ranges from $30-$80.


Which countries can you ship Seneca skis to?

We can ship internationally to most countries and are happy to do so! Be aware custom declarations and other red tape often push shipping up—usually $150–300—and it can be slow. For many of our customers, it’s well worth it for a pair of custom sticks.


Are your shipments insured?

Yep, and for the full value. So if on the odd chance UPS loses your stuff (it’s never happened yet, but hypothetically), you’ll have the means to buy a new pair of boards on the fly if you have to.


What shipping companies do you use?

We mostly ship UPS, except under special circumstances.


Can you deliver my Senecas to a U.S Post Office?

We’ve shipped to post offices, hotels, PO Boxes and retail locations for our customers. Give us a call and we’ll figure it out.

How long will it take to receive my Senecas, after I order them?

Skis ship out of our factory once a week on Friday, so please order your signature skis before 11am on Fridays to ship that week.


Signature skis that are in stock will ship that Friday. Backordered signature skis, semi-custom and fully-custom builds ship the first Friday we can get them out.


Please allow up to a week for domestic, lower 48 delivery.


Also note: UPS and other major mail carriers go beserk around holidays, so plan for extra time. In December and before President’s Day, we’ll be shipping on Tuesdays as well as our usual Friday.


Is rush delivery possible?

Please call us and we’ll figure something out. Typically expedition costs 5% the value of the product per day expedited, not including shipping. During the holiday, UPS gets clogged like crazy. To help make up the difference, we ship Tuesdays in December and just before President’s Day.


How do you pack my skis?

All skis ship in a well-packed cardboard box. Semi-custom and fully custom skis also ship in a complimentary ski sleeve for extra protection and cleaner storage.


If you aren’t local, you’ll want to save this box! It can be used to return skis to the shop for annual tunes and repairs.





What is the warranty on my skis?

We build every single pair of skis with our bare hands with the utmost attention to detail, then inspect the finished product thoroughly. We’ve never had a ski delaminate. Period.


Damage and especially cosmetic damage to the ski from hitting rocks, misuse or neglect doesn’t constitute a warranty replacement. They’re very durable skis, but they weren’t meant to be piled up in the back of a 4-runner, left by the wood stove, or strapped onto a rack and left there for gravely drives.


Our skis are special and require a little extra care, due to the real wood topsheets. If you would like your skis refinished and tuned, please see tuning options.


If you’ve taken good care of your skis and find something you think we’ve missed, we definitely want to know about it. Please get in touch and we’ll make things right.                                                           


What is your return/exchange policy?

We can’t return skis because you changed your mind about buying them or your better half said no. We think buying new skis is almost always a good decision, and long-lasting skis like ours are practically an investment. If you buy our skis, please consider it a serious purchase. We do.


We offer frequent demo days and have several pairs of ski demos in our shop, if you need a way to try our skis ahead of time.


If there’s something wrong or you’re seriously disappointed, though, that’s a different story. So...


Fully- and semi-custom skis: If you are not 100% flabbergasted with joy at your purchase and you’ve taken a few days to give it a real shot, please give us a call to discuss a rebuild. These skis were designed specifically for you and should feel like it.


Signature skis: If they’re in completely new, unskiied condition (or we can’t tell the difference), you can exchange these for another length or style. Skis must be returned within 2 weeks for exchange.


If you feel there is any kind of defect or premature failure, please call us and we’ll figure out how to make this right.


I think something is wrong with my skis. Now what?

Please call us. Our skis are carefully inspected for defects, but we want to know if something seems off.


I need to cancel my unshipped order—what now?

We hustle to get skis in the box to you, so we don’t have a cancellation policy. If there are extenuating circumstances, give us a call. For semi- and fully-custom skis, we will retain your 50% deposit if you cancel your order, since they won’t fit anyone but you.





How is a Seneca tune different from a shop tune? How much does it cost?

For starters, you’ll have the same people who built your ski tuning your ski. We take tunes almost as seriously as ski building, because they’re crucial to how the ski performs. A bad tune can ruin a good pair of skis. Our tunes go beyond the typical grind, including refinishing your wood topsheets, making repairs, and adding a precision stone grind.


We share tuning equipment with Pepi Culver, former ski technician for the US Ski Team and current Norwegian Ski Team.


Cost: $100 + shipping both ways (or drop off and pick up in Bozeman).


We recommend tuning your skis annually, and bringing them in immediately for any repairs. Seriously, let us do it. Our P-Tex gun cost 5k for a reason.


Can I ship my skis to Seneca for tuning and repairs?

Yes, we encourage customers to bring their skis in as often as possible, and ship them to us at least once a year for a thorough tune ($100 plus shipping both ways). Save the box your skis were shipped  in so you can mail them back easily.


Tell me about your repair program.

We offer full repairs on all our skis on top-of-the-line equipment. We know you’ve got a Goodwill iron dedicated to repairs, but let us do it. Even though our p-tex gun cost $5k, you can expect reasonable rates and turnaround times.


Can Seneca mount my bindings for me?

We’re happy to mount bindings on your new Senecas for about half what it’ll costs in town. We need skis, your binding and one boot, plus your height and weight. Please bring or ship everything into us, and drop us a call if you have special mounting needs.


What are your recommended bindings?

We love to give recommendations since we’re kinda obsessed with all things skiing. Call us.


You can purchase bindings online and ship them directly to our shop if that’s easier. Heads up, we’ll still need one of your boots to mount your bindings correctly.   


Where are your recommended mounts?

All of our skis will ship with a mounting mark or instructions for the length and where they should be mounted.